Learn More About Becoming a Member or Starting a Club:

A comfortable, peer-based place to...
  • be more socially engaged
  • live a healthier & more active lifestyle
  • learn to be more longevity ready (living to 100+)
What is an
Longevity bWell Club®?

Longevity bWell Club® seeks to inpsire the different generations to live longer, healthier lives.

The overall Club networks goal is to be at the forefront of the lastest health & wellness movements.  Working with members of all shapes and ability level, the Club's trusted team looks to build better social, physical and mental lifes for members.

The Club is generally a physical location, however, club leaders or coaches can do on-site training and educational programs. These programs maybe at retirement and assisted living communities, corporate organization and non-profit faciliaties.

Club leaders and coaches are carefully screened and approved with a proven passion to create a better living experience. Programs are designed to encourage "peer-groups" of all abilities into enjoyable, socialable opportunities as well as improve physical and mental condition in a fun group setting.

Club Mission Statement 

"Provide a proven, flexible approach to wellness through education, fitness & community"